Thanks to their perfect shape and dimensions, Desico’s candles burn evenly and do not drip wax, because the flame warms and melts the wax evenly on all sides. A premium-grade cotton wick and the cleanest ingredients guarantee an exceptionally long burn and a decent sized flame that lights up the room and does not smoke. Clean, non-toxic ingredients provide a clean burn, essential for healthy indoor air.

The finest candles are a combination of clean burning, stunning colours, responsible production and the perfect shape. Our candles are made of these four elements, with decades of professional experience.


Desico’s pillar candles are all hand-cast using a mould originally designed by Antti’s grandfather, sculptor Erkki Toukolehto in 1963. The thick, cylindrical shape of the pillar candles and the ability to stand on their own without a holder were totally unheard of at the time. The minimal design blends seamlessly into Scandinavian décor, style and atmosphere.


Luxurious colours with a beautiful glow have been the heart of Desico’s candles ever since Kari Toukolehto, Antti Toukolehto’s father, started to cast candles in his basement flat in Ullanlinna, Helsinki, back in 1963. The colours of Desico’s candles have been created to suit a variety of styles, décors and spaces. Our Master Chandler Antti mixes all the 34 colours in the colour palette by hand from blue, yellow, red and black dye. He has the unique ability to create hues with a rich ambience, further enhanced by candlelight. All the candles are coloured through, retaining their beautiful colours throughout the burn.


Desico’s candles provide a clean burn, and no palm oil is used in their manufacture. The candles are dyed using non-toxic dyes and made from vegan olive oil stearin that is produced in the EU, and clean, premium-grade paraffin. Our dyes and fragrance oils also meet cosmetic quality standards. All our products are made by hand in Fiskars Village by local candlemakers.


Find the perfect colour to set the mood in any space from the 33 glowing colours in our palette.